"Video is my passion! Wine, food, lifestyle, tourism films made with flair and joie de vivre!"  - Rudi Goldman

My Video Impressions

Award-winning filmmaker Rudi Goldman has brilliantly captured the charm and magic that is Burgundy. Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine is a movie for anyone who loves Burgundy, loves wine, or enjoys learning about how others pursue their passions.
- Michelle Williams, Wine Writer
"Rudi Goldman is a master at presenting a real sense of the culture of a place...here he works with Jan Klein who operates the oldest winery in Germany and one of the oldest in the world.
Mark Norman, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Fermented Lifestyle
"Thank you Rudi! Love love loved your video!!!!"
- Tim Brown, Marketing & PR Communications WinePop
"The MOVI Movie is a remarkable story....the visual quality is superb...breathtaking views...from a part of the world not many get to see."
- Mark Norman, President World Wine Marketing
"Rudi, All I can say is a great big W-O-W!!! Classy, joyous, intriguing, and most of all . . . fun! Makes me want to be there . . . at least taste the wine. Great Job!"
- Sam Atchley
"BRAVO RUDI...THIS ONE IS WONDERFUL! Once again Rudi has produced a true work of art."
- Len Rapoport - President - Editor-In-Chief, Publisher: IMPress Magazine
"Wow! This is an art piece----exquisite--intimate---touching all the senses. Bravo! Truly a lyrical portrait. Such creative expression could be paired with gallery exhibitions---combining performing and visual arts."
- Janet McDonald