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Fermented Lifestyle Promotional Video

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Premium, Subscription-Based, Online Wine And Travel Lifestyle Brand Seeking International Partners

Unique in the world of wine, the Fermented Lifestyle organization is threading together high quality, handcrafted wines, wineries and private tastings for their passport subscribers globally.


“We are becoming the “American Express” proprietary program for the wine and food niche community. In the sense that Amex has created a culture of exclusivity and premier access, the Fermented Passport Program will provide this level of distinctive access, cache into exclusive wine experiences, on a global scale. We are threading together high quality, handcrafted wines, wineries, and private tastings with our community; all the while, presenting fully immersive, personal, unique luxury wine travel.” - Fermented Lifestyle


Built around the concept of a fiercely passionate wine loving community, Fermented Lifestyle is an evocative brand aimed at the literally hundreds of millions of passionate wine drinkers scattered around the world.

In this video, produced for Fermented Lifestyle by Rudi Goldman Productions, winemaker Jan Matthias Klein of the Mosel Valley Staffelter Hof explains why he became a Fermented Lifestyle Partner.


Contact Fermented Partners: services@FermentedLifestyle.com   Website 


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