"Video is my passion! Wine, food, lifestyle, tourism films made with flair and joie de vivre!"  - Rudi Goldman

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with specialized experience and expertise in wine/gastronomy sectors.


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You are about 53 times more likely to be found on the first page of a

Google search result when you have video on your website.

- Forrester Research




Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine VHX



"VHX is one of the most exciting developments in on-line watching of quality films and videos.  The platform provides a state of the art viewing experience for our fans and followers. Our Burgundy film on VHX features switchable French, German, Dutch, Spanish, English & Italian subtitles."

Rudi Goldman
Rudi Goldman Productions/Media in English


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 Why Direct Distribution on VHX Is Important


There’s a lot of talk about new ways of watching, streaming, funding, and everything else-ing video. First, the great unbundling. Hundreds of channels become thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of channels. The free, mostly-amateur version of this has already happened thanks to YouTube and Vimeo; VHX is a  part of the next wave of premium, “content worth paying for” channels.


Artists Selling From Their Own Websites

Instead of using other people’s stories and marketplaces, artists can sell from their own websites. This model points to the kind of close relationship between audience and creator that both parties want - axing the middleman idea that has come to define old structures.  Additionally, the Internet has enabled makers and their audiences to build real relationships.  The freedom of selling directly empowers artists to be creative with their content and creative with how they show it to the world.  And that couldn’t be better news for us fans. The nature and quality of video experiences keep evolving, and artists continue to explore ways for audiences to interact with their work online. As an audience, we get to keep supporting creators as they make things we want to watch - your wallet is a powerful way to vote.




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